Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 City Light

Erin  Bridge

Six years ago when I dusted off my running shoes and began running with Hope Water, I thought I would run one half marathon and mark it off my bucket list. I began raising money to help build wells and bring clean water to areas of Africa, praying it would help change lives there. What I didn’t realize was the tremendous impact this team would also have on my life and so many lives around me here. This community has helped me through some of the best and worst times and I am forever grateful. Now with eight half marathons under my belt, I have decided to add a 70.3 Ironman to the challenge. The training will not be easy but having a greater purpose makes the journey so worthwhile.

Clean water is crucial for life and I believe every person on earth should have access to this vital necessity. My goal is to raise $3000 to help bring clean water to areas of Kenya and Sierra Leone. Every dollar is greatly appreciated and every bit helps this mission. Please consider being part of my support team as I compete in the Traverse City Ironman and the Detroit Half Marathon with Hope Water International in 2019.