Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Felicia Donahoe

First off I would like to thank all who are donating to this amazing cause. I was really inspired when Bill Clark came to Daybreak to tell us all about the mission of Hope Water International, I just knew God was calling me to do this to help others.
I actually felt...guilty. I take water for granted on a daily bases. I literally have it at my finger tips and these people have to dig in hopes of finding water. They travel by foot for miles and miles, hours and hours to hopefully find a water source that is dirty, full of bacteria and shared with animals. Children also have to help in the search for water which means they can not attend school. Providing Wells for these communities changes everything for them. Children get to go to school, everyone is happier and healthier! God spoke to me that day that Bill came and I just knew that this was something I needed to do! Thank you again for helping to make this happen, God Bless!