Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 Venture - Detroit

Jim Cleer

If you know me, you know I'm an avid cyclist. In fact, I always believe that the only reason to ever run is if your bike is broken. Well, I've found another reason and thought I really needed to push myself outside of my comfort zone. The Pokot tribe in Africa needs your help. The women of the tribe travel up to 5 miles per day just to find water and when they do it looks like something you'd see in a mop bucket, yet they are thankful for it. Not only is the water not sanitary, but the trek itself is full of peril from animals and human traffickers looking to snatch young girls for the sex slave trade. Your donation helps us put a well in a village that produces clean sanitary water. No more dangerous trips allows the Moms to be Moms and the kids to go to school. A church and medical facility soon follow where the well is established. Please, if I can push myself to run a 1/2 marathon I trust you can find a few extra dollars to donate for such a worthy cause.