Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 Venture - Detroit

Team Crowther 

Race Complete! It was a very emotional finish, but an even more emotional aftermath. I am awed by the support and the encouragement that helped to get me there. Mostly, I am even more committed to the mission and purpose that initially motivated this journey. Thanks to all for your part in bringing water and life to the Pokot people.
One week from today we will be running in the Detroit International Marathon! With purpose. For a mission. Hope. Water.

In less than 2 weeks I'm running the Detroit International Half Marathon with Hope Water International.
Our mission and purpose includes raising money to bring water wells to the Pokot People in Africa- 1.3-1.4 million people-who don't have access to clean water.
Click below if you can help. Every little bit makes a difference. If everyone who reads this would donate $5 it would be significant.
This was scheduled to be a 12 mile run today-longest run before race day. I only did 8 miles. I slowly pushed through after a sleepless night and struggling with knee pain on a rainy morning. My team was there~they empower me. The inspiration thinking of the Pokot people drove me. The first two songs I heard after
venturing out gave me my mantra for the day.
"Do what it takes"
"You've got the (Holy Spirit) power”
i am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to press on.
About a month away from the event. I am feeling confident that I will finish. It’s hard to believe that I can say those words.
I finished 11 miles with the help and support of Beth Ann (my team member, my personal coach and my cheerleader) and with the company of Shelly (a cheerful, supportive team mate). I am waiting to experience β€œthe joy” of running that people talk about.

In the meantime, I have experienced the love and camaraderie of a team, the motivation that comes from having a purpose, and inspiration thinking of the Pokot women and children. They walk many miles every day just for dirty water.
I can do this for them!
I am grateful we together can make the difference. Every little bit helps so that HWI can introduce the Living Water and also provide clean water for this nation of people.

This was my birthday week. Facebook prompted me to set up a fundraiser page for my birthday ~ which I did. Many of my loved ones contributed and the proceeds are going to Hope Water International. For that I am humbled and grateful.
I continue to train to run in Detroit on October 20. It is because of the support and encouragement of the Hope Team that I have been able to accomplish much more than I ever imagined I would toward my goal. I ran 9 mile interval last week! Thanks to all.

5k today.
Organized by Oak Valley Middle School students. A great event that helped to raise money to drill fresh water wells in Africa.

I am honored to be among a committed group from Venture59 Church working toward a worthy cause.

I am training to be ready to run/walk the Detroit Marathon and raise money to drill fresh water wells in Africa.

Please take the opportunity to join and support the effort to raise money to drill fresh water wells for the Pokot people in Africa.

Would you consider sponsoring me?