Campaign: 2019 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2019 Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Ryan and Jessica Ellison

In 2019 there are still MILLIONS of people without access to clean water.

Ryan and I will be partnering with help WATER international to run to grand Rapids half marathon this October. Our mission is to raise funds to help bring clean water to those in Africa to go without. for those women and children who make the trip every single day, miles and miles both directions, only to find themselves returning with dirty water that ultimately leads to sickness and disease.

God created us to love Him, and love His people. Part of loving His people, even complete strangers halfway across the world... is to carry one another’s burdens. This is something we can do to help eradicate the devastation to those in the world without access to clean water.

I am asking you to please prayerfully consider donating to our fundraiser, to help support clean water access. When water is no longer a daily concern for these villages, education, friendship, and community can flourish. Digging a well does much more than meet needs—it creates opportunities.