Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Kris Nienhuis

I am running to help raise funds to dig wells in Africa to provide clean water and a better life for the people there. Through Daybreak Church I accepted the challenge to run and help support this cause. I then started to doubt and question myself. After lots of prayer, the night before the kick off meeting I finally decided to just go and see what it was all about. That night, I caught the Spirit. We were told to let God decided if we were to run a half or full marathon, so the next morning I put a challenge out on Facebook that if I received pledges of $400 in 9 days, I would do a full marathon. After I hit post, I thought that might be asking too much so I went in to edit it. I tried 3 times and it wouldn't let me change the amount, so I knew God was telling me something - and boy did He! By Sunday morning (2 days) I had reached my $400. I am now All In and training to run a full marathon (my first)! You and I turn on a faucet to get nice clear water for our daily needs and think nothing of it. Many people in Africa walk several hours a day to get a few buckets of brown muddy water to drink, cook, and clean with. If my running can help to bring clean water and a better life to some of God's children, I'm all in. Please help me support this worthy cause.