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Tracy Shamaly

I have been a runner for the better part of my life but it was not until recent that I deceided to raise money and awareness for Hope Water International. I am currently training for my first ultra marathon (50 miles). I, like so many of us took access to water for granted. I was out on a training run the other day and was 23 miles in with 2 miles left to go when I realized that I was running low on water. I remember praying that I would have enough water to finish my run. I was trying to conserve water but sure enough I took the next suck on my straw to find no water left. It was in that moment I felt like I could not go on. I instantly thought of the people across the world who get nothing but air out of their straw and if they find any water at all it is after they walk miles to dig a hole to find water we would never think of drinking. Hope Water International, with the help of your donation will help to bring clean water by building wells for the people of Kenya, Uganda, Sierra and Liberia. Please help to support me and my fund raising efforts with a donation.