Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 Venture - Detroit

Team Dillay

We are back! The Dillay family is dedicated and motivated to make a difference for Hope Water International in 2019.

Training and running the Detroit Marathon events are difficult, but our true purpose is so much more important.
Increasing awareness and raising money for wells that provide clean water for the Pokot in Kenya, Africa.
This great cause has given us purpose and a goal to make a difference.
With your support, we can make changes that have a huge impact to those without this basic necessity of life... Water.

With a great community here, locally we are making connections to make a difference in a community there, that truly needs our help.
Please take a second and donate to contribute to a change that will live well beyond multiple lifetimes.
Every donation matters.

Thank you for your donation and compassion.