Campaign: 2019 Bayshore Marathon
Team: 2019 Bayshore

Tom Rownd

Friends - Thank you for contributions to past fundraisers for our clean water & gospel sharing initiative. I am proud to report that we are making progress. Hope Water International continues to add partners with new Churches, Charities, and local companies. We continue to build new water wells in Africa. Our challenge remains open ended for now. In many parts of Africa, the communities have limited access to clean water. The woman and children walk miles a day for contaminated water. A new water well serves as a foundation for a new community which creates churches, schools, and medical facilities. After taking 2018 off from long distance running, I am running the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday May 25th. I am joining a close friend, Steve Shelton. He will be running his first marathon at 66 years of age. Steve visited Kenya and has seen the water crisis first hand. He is an inspiration to our Hope Water Team. Steve began training in January 2018 & has dropped 125 pounds over the past 18 months. Your continued support is most appreciated. My family has contributed the initial $500 with a goal for $1000 total. Onward, Tom