Campaign: 2019 Bayshore Marathon
Team: 2019 Bayshore

Kenneth Davis

In 2013 the Lord called my name while watching a video about Hope Water and the need of the Pokot people in Kenya.
They lack a basic need for life, WATER! I don't always listen when He talks to me but this time I could not NOT answer His call. Since then I have run a full marathon, 6 1/2 marathons, countless 10K and 5K runs and cycled two 100 miles Assenmacher rides, ALL FOR WATER FOR THE POKOT.
In 2016 I was blessed with a trip to Kenya to meet the beautiful Pokot people and see, first hand, the difference the work we are doing makes. Not only do the wells we have built provide fresh, life saving water, a village is formed and the children can be educated and a church is established. They get to hear the Word of Our Lord Jesus. A total win situation!!

Please help me again this year to raise money for the Pokot!! I will be running in the Bayshore Marathon races on May 25 and cycling in the Assenmacher 100 mile ride in August again this year. I will do the HARD work, our crews will build the wells, you MUST help provide the funds. We all will save lives!!