Campaign: 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon

Nadir Diomedi

One more year, another big chance to make a small contribution to create a big impact in the life of thousands of people who don’t have clear water available close by in their villages in Africa.
Hope Water International is committed to build as many water wells as we can to support those moms, dads and kids who need this vital fluid.
We have a running group and we run with this purpose…….but we need help, your help, to make it possible again this year.
Personally I set my goal of running two Full Marathons (Buffalo, NY in May and Grand Rapids, MI in October) a couple of half (Rochester and Flint, MI) and starting with some kind of TRI here and there.
I’m convinced that big things can be achieved with the addition of small contribution of many people, with the same goal, with the same vision, with the same passion……let’s be part of those
Thank you