Campaign: 2019 Marine Corp Marathon

William O'Saile

Once again, I’m going on a journey to change the future - by providing Fresh Living Water to the people of the Pomona in Kenya and to those in Sierra Leone. By not having to walk miles every day, to fill jugs with contaminated, disease-filled water, we are changing lives with the fresh water wells your donations provide. Diseases like typhoid and cholera are reduced by over 90% in the first year of having access to clean water. Children can attend school instead of searching for water, and now have a better chance to live a longer healthy life, just by the addition of a fresh water well in their village. I am asking you to join me (I’ll do the running, if you like) on my mission. All donations are welcome, no matter the amount. We are changing the world, one well at a time. Thank you for your help. See you at the start, and watch me finish strong with their light in my eyes. #ForWaterForHope #ForThePokot