Campaign: 2019 Richmond Marathon
Team: 2019 New Life Alexandria

Heather Able

My heart's cup truly overflows with JOY as I embrace this new journey to raise money so that others can STAY ALIVE just because I helped contribute to the building of a well that provides clean water. Everything about this venture is me and here's why: For years I've wanted to build a well and here's my opportunity to make it happen. I've always loved exercise and being fit, so I get to train for an 8k, half-marathon or marathon for the first time in my life! I've always loved people and I get to encourage and cheer on a new community of friends that I've found at New Life Alexandria. I've always loved Jesus and I get to share HIS love with those around me and it's this love that fuels me to reach beyond myself and do something that's bigger than me. The money raised goes to building wells in Sierra Leone.