Campaign: 2019 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2019 Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Ben and Kara Hanes

This year our family decided that it was time to spend more time on making a difference in the world both through our physical health and through helping others. I decided to join Hope Water for two reasons; the first is because I can be quite a hermit and I want to spend more time with my kids by being more active. The second is I look at my children and think about how I would do anything for them. I would walk miles like women in Africa to get them water and the water in Africa isn’t even clean. I’m so picky about the water I drink (I wouldn’t even drink well water at our last home) but I realize how pathetically fortunate I am to have fresh water every day. I also think of the young women and children who travel to get water and risk their lives to predators when they do so. This makes me sick to my stomach to think of them enduring this tragedy. In honor of them, I plan to walk/run the Grand Rapids Half Marathon this October 2019. Will you help me reach my goal to support the men, women and children in Sierra Leone, Africa so that we can build wells to help their physical needs and keep them safe?