Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 City Light

Morgan Cullen Jurkowski

Somewhere deep down, I’ve always wanted to be “a runner” but that felt so elusive. After all, the most running I’ve ever done is akin to Phoebe from Friends.

About a year ago, a non-profit called Hope Water International spoke at City Light Church about their life-changing work providing access to clean water to some of the most remote villages across Africa. Despite the fear that I would never be good enough, I trusted what God was calling me to do and I signed up to run my first ever race: the Detroit Free Press Marathon.

26.2 miles is no joke but with purpose, community, and willingness to show up God can do anything—I never thought I was capable of that. I am excited to say next stop is the Glass City Marathon in April (well technically, next stop is the Turkey Trot 10K with some pals)!

While it still feels uncertain to call myself a “runner” and winter training is confusing, I know God can do anything when we trust and train. Please consider donating to this amazing cause that really does change lives (including mine) by providing hope and access to clean water!