Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 Venture - Detroit

Michaela  Polley

Both Bill and I are running , jogging , limping , whatever it takes to do this half marathon this fall for Hope Water . We are getting up early , we are getting uncomfortable but we are getting it done ! There are thousands of families without water who are sending their wives and daughters out to walk for miles to get dirty, infested ,diarrhea water and many are being stolen and put into sex trafficking . They need clean water . They need to be safe . And when where we put up a well we also put in a place to have a church service and we share the news about Jesus . We can save their lives in more than one way . We will be running 13.1 miles in the Detroit Free Press Marathon in October . If 100 of our friends and family donated just one dollar per mile we will run -we would reach our goal and be able to help out in a well ! Please consider helping , we need your support ! Thank you! I know we can do this together !