Campaign: 2019 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2019 Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Kaylynn and Drew Woznick

Drew and I first got involved in Hope Water last year and we absolutely loved the community. Drew loves running while I (Kaylynn) very much do not. However, the Hope Water team and the cause made it all worth it! This year, we were blessed with the news that we are pregnant! I will still be walking the half marathon while Drew runs. We were struck by the realization that while we may worry about what color to paint the nursery, and wonder if the baby will have my athletic ability instead of Drew's, we don't have to worry that our baby will have easy access to clean water. There are many families who have to bring their children into a much scarier world. This year, Drew and I are running for those families, as well as for our own little baby coming in December!