Campaign: Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: Daybreak

Dave Swoveland

I haven't ran since my 20's. And never these kind of distances. So why am I doing this now?
We had a service at church where I saw children and parents in a village that did not even have the most basic of things, something most of us take for granted (clean water), and these poor kids don't have that. They have lost parents, brothers, sisters , Aunts, Uncles and friends. And why, all because they are drinking dirty water.
I decided I can sacrifice something to help. What is a little running compared to what they must endure daily.
I would love for anyone who reads this to start by praying for these people, second pray for me and my fellow team mates who are running/walking, and finally to hopefully feel the urge to help, which can be done by donating to this page. We can all make a difference!