Campaign: 2019 Grand Rapids Marathon
Team: 2019 Daybreak - Grand Rapids

Emily Meindertsma

Moving to Michigan from Virginia I knew one thing I wanted to find -- community. Caleb and I quickly became involved in our church where we found a thriving community of amazing individuals devoted to helping others much like ourselves. What I didn't know was how soon I would find a cause that meant so much to me and also incorporated my long time passion of running. Hope Water International is an organization that raises money to build wells for clean water in Africa. Without these wells individuals in Africa walk miles each day for unclean water that can lead to childhood death due to infection from the water as well as decreases the safety for women who have to walk alone for hours. So far, $78,278 has been raised since 2017, and I'd love the chance to help that number grow. This cause truly touched my heart and I am excited to be a part of this community that is so devoted to helping others.