Campaign: 2019 Detroit Marathon
Team: 2019 MI East - Detroit

Kevin DeFrain

In 2013 I was inspired by the story of Ben Reyff and his efforts in running for Hope Water Project. I joined and trained for the Detroit Marathon. During Training I tore my hip cartilage resulting in missing the run in October and enduring Surgery in November. In 2014 after 14 weeks / 45 visits to the Physical Therapist I trained and eventually Ran the Marathon to the Glory of God! I have since gone on to train and run in multiple races and this fall will return to the Detroit Marathon once more . All of these achievements however mean nothing if I can't help in the daily struggle of the Pokot to simply stay ALIVE, being constantly faced with dehydration and disease due to the lack of clean drinking water. ( something many of us in Michigan take for granted ) I run to give clean water , I run to give life , I run that The Pokot may know Jesus "The True water of Life" Please donate to help me in my efforts to reach the Pokot / save lives. God Bless You!